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Save time and cost while improving on customer experience. Allow diners to order and pay on from mobile devices.

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Save time. Serve more.

Unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability with our online order and pay solution. Designed to cut your time-to-order in half, you'll be turning tables faster in no time.

Instant cost savings

Thanks to KodyPay's streamlined payment processing, you'll enjoy cost savings from both your transaction fees and relieving staffing pressures.

Level up your customer experience

Best of all, order and pay gives your customers a world-class experience. No more waiting to see what's on the menu, order or pay the bill ever again.

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Change colours, use dark mode, upload your own logo and more with KodyPay's suite of customisation options.

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How it works

Your customers scan a QR code

We'll provide you with QR codes for your customers to scan, linking directly to your online menu.

Choose and pay

Your customers can browse your menu, order and pay instantly thanks to KodyPay's integrated service offering.

You serve

Orders are instantly printed - drinks to your bar and food to your kitchen - to be made up. All you have to do is serve.

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Have questions?

Got questions about KodyPay order & pay? You’ll find lots of answers here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask our team!

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How do my customers use order & pay?

Your customers can simply scan an order & pay QR code found on your table (or follow a link on your website), choose their order and pay in ten seconds. They’ll receive instant email confirmation of their order, and will await their food.

Why should I use KodyPay's order & pay?

With order & pay, you can save time for your staff, reduce your transaction fee for taking payments, and improve customer experience for your business. All by using only one product. Find out how else you can benefit from KodyPay products by getting in touch with our team here.

Where can I see daily takings and inventory?

You can always see daily takings/inventory usage from the KodyPay Merchant Portal. Your dashboard and mobile app will display rolling totals. You can also view and export reports for a given date range.

When do I receive my takings?

KodyPay pays out money via next day payments. As our banking partners are regulated by the European Central Bank, all of KodyPay’s payouts count as international transfers, which (depending on your business current account) may take an additional day to clear.

How do I process orders?

Once a customer pays for their order, you’ll receive a notification and print-out to your KodyPay device(s) in the kitchen. Your ticket includes all of the customer’s requests, and the relevant table number. You can customise these tickets, print drinks to the bar, decide how they’re accepted and more; right out of the box.

Can I import/export my transaction data?

Yes, you can export any of your transaction or inventory data from the KodyPay Merchant Portal. Simply navigate to the tab containing the data you’d like to import/export from, and hit the button to do so on the top-right of your screen.

Does this work with my POS or delivery service?

We have a selection of POS integrations ready and waiting for you. To learn more about how we work with your specific POS or delivery service, feel free to get in touch with us.

How do I get started with order & pay?

To get started with order & pay, simply follow this link. You’ll be invited to either talk to our sales team or to book an onboarding session right away. Once your onboarding session is complete, you’re good to go! Throughout most of the year, we can go as fast as you’d like, taking only a couple of business days to deliver your kit and have you up and running.

Built into the complete KodyPay suite

Fully-integrated with KodyPay’s world-class suite of payment products, order & pay is the fastest way for your business to take orders and get paid.

Your KodyPay plan

You’ll get additional order & pay features based on your current KodyPay plan.

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Online menu

Order & pay

Order & collect

Optional QR Code configuration and management for £10/mo

Free QR code stands

Optional receipt printer for £5/mo



Online menu with custom branding

Order & pay

Order & collect

Free QR code configuration & management

Free QR code stands

One free receipt printer, add more for £5/mo


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Online menu with custom branding

Order & pay

Order & collect

Free QR code configuration & management

Additional QR code stand options

Two free receipt printers, add more for £5/mo


Bespoke menu options and setup support

Order & pay

Order & collect

Bespoke QR code configuration & management

Bespoke QR code stand options

Bespoke POS and kitchen integration options