A perfect plan for your business

Take advantage of a suite of payment products whenever you purchase a KodyPay Plan. You can change or cancel your plan at any time.

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Accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express and more1

Use all-new, all-screen Android card machines

2-business day payouts

Free software updates, forever



All in Free, plus:

Two free payment terminals with WiFi + 4G  including free accident protection

Use order & pay and order & collect, even with custom branding

Options for 8-hour payouts

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All in Starter, plus:

24-hour support and a dedicated relationship manager

Fully-customised printed tickets, with two free receipt printers

Immediate access to payouts via KodyCard

Up to 50% off transaction fees when you use KodyCard


All in Premium, plus:

Custom service agreement, bespoke training & support options

Bespoke digital menu options and setup support

Bespoke POS and Kitchen integration options




Accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express
MOTO manual-key payments for only 2.50%
Access to 8-hour payouts2
Customised shopper bank statement
Basic receipt customisation
Fully-customisable receipt content
Free receipt roll supply with smart delivery3
Business hours support over live chat (9-5 weekdays)
24-hour support over live chat or phone, with a dedicated relationship manager
Book in-store support sessions anytime
Multi-site admin access
Custom SLA


WiFi & free 4G connectivity
Free accident protection (£0 to replace)4
Cost per terminal
1 free, then £30/mo
2 free, then £20/mo
2 free, then £15/mo

Order & pay

Online menu
Order & pay
Order & collect
Free QR code configuration
Free QR code stands
Additional QR code stand options
Bespoke QR stand options
Receipt printers
1 free, then £5/mo
2 free, then £5/mo


Cost for cards
1 free, then £10/card
2 free, then £10/card
10 free, then £10/card
Unlimited free cards
Immediate access to payouts via KodyCard
Discounted transaction fees when using KodyCard
Up to 2.5%
Up to 2.5%
Up to 50%
Up to 50%