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Coming to a store near you

Make sales a breeze. Create your own in-store checkout experience using KodyPay.
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Shopping via KodyPay
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Remote ordering flow
Mobile self scan and checkout

Reach into the world of omni-commerce

KodyPay is a mobile app and web-based platform enabling contact-free, super-streamlined digital checkout experiences for your business.

Take advantage of our vast range of point of sale options, including mobile self-checkout, click & collect, table ordering, and QR payments.

How we fit into your business

KodyPay has been developed to fit into all types of merchants seamlessly. We can replace, or add to your existing point of sale. Whether you're a restaurant, bookstore, supermarket or a department store; KodyPay has an all-digital solution ready to make your selling easier.
Flow-based checkout

Checkout flows unique to your business

Get in control of your checkout process to ensure faster sales and improve customer experience.
A multitude of payment methods

Accept a multitude of payment methods

Your customers can choose from e-wallets, pay-later providers, and credit/debit cards with KodyPay.
Speed cloud

No hardware, no waste , no strings

Get KodyPay up and running in ten minutes, leaving you to focus on what you do best.
Ordering over the counter via KodyPay

Like you, the customer is at the heart of what we do

Our solution is great for business, but we also have an awesome rewards system.

For the first time, customers can collect reward points to donate to charity simply by using KodyPay. Merchants can also choose to increase these reward points further to encourage repeat visits.
Payment aggregator

One seamless integration, unlimited ways to pay

Our payment technology connects you to a wide variety of e-wallets, pay-later providers, and card-based payment methods. Accept all of these with our MPOS, or by using our payments API, no hardware required.

With one simple integration, we can help you increase efficiency and save dramatically on the costs without ever having to worry about working with a payment provider.

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