Payment solutions that put your customer first.

Our platform allows merchants to safely accept payments anywhere in their restaurant, cafe or shop. Serve your customers quickly, easily and efficiently with us.

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The future of
payment acceptance is here

Take advantage of point of sale options such as mobile self-checkout, click & collect, table ordering and QR payments.

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How we fit into your business

KodyPay has been developed to fit into all types of merchants seamlessly. We can replace, or add to your existing point of sale. Whether you're a restaurant, bookstore, supermarket or a department store; KodyPay has an all-digital solution ready to make your selling easier.

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Checkout flows unique to your business

Take control of your checkout process to ensure faster sales while improving customer experience.

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Accept a multitude of payment methods

Your customers can choose from e-wallets, pay-later providers, and credit/debit cards with KodyPay.

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No hardware, no waste,
no strings

Get KodyPay up and running in 72 hours, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

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We can save you money on your payment solution costs. Use our savings calculator to see how much you could save with KodyPay!

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