The simplest, fastest way to get paid.

We have built the future of payment acceptance for restaurants, bars, pubs and cafés – saving you time and money while growing your business.

Delight customers!
Reduce time to
pay at table.
Increase order value.
Reduce costs.
Reduce administrative costs. Eliminate labour challenges.

Our products


Give your customers control.

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Reduce waiting times and offer contactless payment.
Focus more on
your customer experience.
Streamline your kitchen-to-table process.
Relieve staffing pressures.
Serve guests quickly.


Enable your customers to pay with their smartphone.

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Scan and complete transactions seamlessly.
Reduce your reliance on expensive payment terminals. 
Build customer relationships with excellent service. 
Keep a
record of your payments.

Seamless integration

We work with partners to deploy white labelling, ePos and printer integrations, allowing you to work efficiently and save on costs*. 

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White Labelling

POS Integration


*custom integrations – enterprise package only.

Reporting & Analytics

Our easy-to-use dashboard system stores everything you need to run your business in one place.