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Learn to use KodyPay in your store

Through this training material, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how you can use the KodyPay app.

Using KodyPay

To begin using KodyPay, we recommend reading through our written material: a PDF available via the download link below. Once you've read through this, watch the videos shown below to demonstrate each section of the PDF live. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with your KodyPay relationship manager, or contact us directly via live chat.

Top tips

1) If in doubt, scan the QR code on your customer's order receipt. This can be on your printed receipt if you have a KodyPay receipt printer, or on your customer's device. The KodyPay app will bring up the relevant order details and guide you on your options.
2) Transactions and orders are two different parts of the KodyPay app. Orders are created for you to process, pick and change freely, and disappear at the end of the day. Transactions help managers to keep track of when money changes hands and won't disappear.
3) If you'd like a full-length version of all of the videos below, you can download it here.
4) Live training sessions with KodyPay staff are always available, simply ask your KodyPay relationship manager, and they'll set a session up at a time that suits you and your staff.

Logging in

Log in using the email address and password provided by your manager

Click & collect

Take Click & Collect orders with KodyPay in just three simple steps

Order management

Keep your KodyPay orders organised, especially as a picker or member of kitchen staff

Counter/Table orders

Take remote orders from your customers using KodyPay's Counter/Table flow

Manual payments

Need to be paid for a specific amount? Ask your customer to show their card on KodyPay


Issue instant refunds with KodyPay. Simply ask your customer to show their order receipt

Need more help?

If you need anything at all, we're on-hand to help

Something missing?

We're constantly looking to improve the quality of our training material and appreciate any feedback you might like to give. As we build out this area of the KodyPay site, we'll be listening to everybody's suggestions. If you'd like to give us feedback, please send your thoughts via live chat, or email us directly at support@kodypay.com.