Order & Pay FAQ

How can I update my menu?

1. Log in to your KodyPay Merchant account using your email address and password

KodyPay Merchant Portal: https://cms.kodypay.com/login (If you do not remember your login information, please contact us and we'll help you to reset your password.)

2. Click the Trolley icon

3. Select the items that require modification

4. Modify the selected items (Name, Price, Description)

5. Press “Save Changes”, and it is all done.

(If you want to add new items or new add-ons, please get in touch with us and we will do the changes for you.)

How do I know if an order has been paid?

  1. Open your KodyPay App
  2. Select the icon on the bottom left hand corner
  3. You will see “Manual”, “Completed”,and “order”. Select “Completed”
  4. If a customer successfully placed an order, the order will be visible in the “Completed” section.

What should I do if I'm asked to "configure my QR codes"?

If this appears after a customer scans a QR code, it indicates that the QR codes have not yet been activated. Please contact us and we will resolve the situation.

What should I do if my printer stops printing?

  1. Remove the printer from the power and ethernet cable
  2. Wait for 1 minute
  3. Turn on power, then plug ethernet cable back in

(Please try the above procedure and let us know if it doesn't work.)

Can I download the KodyPay App on more devices?

The answer is YES, feel free to download it on your phone or tablet.

How do I change my opening hours?

1. Log in to your KodyPay CMS account

2. Click the Store icon

3. Press “Store” and now you can edit the opening hours

How can I create discount codes?

1. Log in to your kodyPay CMS account

2. Click Discounts icon

3. Press Add new

4. Now create your new discount code

5. Don’t forget to save it!