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It’s great, can you add a beard though we don’t need a contract, do we yet will royalties in the company do instead of cash  can you make it stand out more? make it pop give us a complimentary logo along with the website, so can you rework to make the pizza look more delicious. Theres all this spanish text on my site. I was wondering if my cat could be placed over the logo in the flyer there are more projects lined up charge extra the next time  we exceed the clients’ expectations so can you make it more infographic-y  we exceed the clients’ expectations  the website doesn’t have the theme i was going for. I know somebody who can do this for a reasonable cost i’ll know it when i see it, anyway, you are the designer, you know what to do, but mmm, exactly like that, but different. Jazz it up a little can you make it look more designed can we have another option. I know somebody who can do this for a reasonable cost I have an awesome idea for a startup, i need you to build it for me so can you make the logo bigger yes bigger bigger still the logo is too big nor thats not what i saw in my head at all. Can you help me out? you will get a lot of free exposure doing this can my website be in english? yet thanks for taking the time to make the website, but i already made it in wix. Other agencies charge much lesser do less with more, yet I have printed it out, but the animated gif is not moving. Remember, everything is the same or better.