Signing up

How do I sign up with KodyPay?

Click on the "contact us" button and enter your name & email address. We'll send you all the details you need.

How much does KodyPay cost?

View our pricing page for more information or contact us.


I've signed up, now what?

Once you've completed your application, you will be contacted by our sales team to discuss your contract and onboarding process.

How long will it take to sign up with KodyPay?

Onboarding process takes approximately two days from when a fully completed merchant application form is submitted and a contract is signed.

How do I add my menu to KodyPay's platform?

All you have to do is send us a PDF or JPEG of your menu and we'll add the menu to your Merchant Portal. Please see our menu configuration page for more details. Any updates to the menu after initial setup can be managed by you through the Merchant Portal.

Do I need a business bank account?

No - you can be accepted to use KodyPay without a business bank account as long as you are operating as a sole trader or general partnership, and are registered to do so with HMRC.

How long does implementation take?

Two days from submission of application for Start/Pro/Premium plans. For enterprise plans our timing is bespoke - please contact us for more information.

How do I ensure KodyPay doesn't add risk or cause issues with our current system?

KodyOrder and KodyBill can work alongside your current point of sale solution, or we do offer custom integrations with some providers.

How does KodyPay integrate with our current systems and subscriptions?

We integrate with a range of point of sale systems. Contact our sales team for more information.


How long are KodyPay training sessions?

Training session are flexible depending on your requirements and circumstances.

How do I book a session?

Please email our training team or go to our Calendly page to book your training session.

How many people can attend?

As many as you feel necessary but we'd suggest a 6:1 staff to trainer ratio.

What does the training consist of?

You will receive a step by step demo & explanation of your personalised Merchant Portal and how to accept payments using KodyPay.

Is there a fee for the session(s)?

No, there's no fee for the session(s) as training is included as part of your onboarding experience


Which devices are compatible with KodyOrder (KodyPay table ordering)?

Devices must be updated to at least Android 7 & iOS 12.

How long is a QR code valid?

QR codes are valid until you want to change them.

How can I make changes to my products/menu?

Merchants can login to their Merchant Portal to make changes their inventory. See here for our Merchant Portal tutorial video.

How do I initiate refunds?

You can initiate refunds by:

- Selecting a completed order in the KodyPay merchant app
- Scanning the QR code on the customer's e-receipt

You can then select which item(s) to refund within in order, or opt to refund the whole order.


What are QR codes?

Quick Response (QR) codes are barcode-like images that pass information from one device to another.

Are QR codes safe?

Yes, QR codes are safe and cannot be hacked.

Are QR codes free?

Yes, QR codes are included as part of your KodyPay plan.

Can you take payments with KodyPay without the customer having to scan a QR code?

A QR code is essentially a pictorial representation of a web-link to your menu. If you provide your customers with the web-link, they will be able to access your menu without scanning the code.

Marketing support

What is included in the marketing support?

Marketing support is designed to drive revenue, footfall and repeat customers. To find out if you are entitled to marketing support, please get in touch with Sales.

How long does KodyPay's marketing support last?

Marketing support is based on your monthly plan. To speak about marketing for your business, contact

My account

I've forgotten my password

If you've forgotten your password, click "forgot password?" on the login page to reset your password.